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About our  services

We provide two basic types of commercial photography services:

  • Drone Cinematography and Photography Services - Our professional drone is piloted for aerial video and photography.  This service includes/requires:  Brief consultation to determine your objectives and applications for the video or photos (this can be done during the day of the photography or as a separate meeting, based on schedule); Route mapping to determine the drone's flight pattern during our shoot (we'll take your guidance and preferences in hand and will handle this step with our equipment); Aerial video and/or photography; Post-production (editing, splicing, the additions of any effects that you may wish to incorporate, such as text or music); File-formatting (compressions for optimized file size/loading speeds); Finalization - your photos and/or videos are provided to you on a USB removable media device.


Aerial Cinematography Features & Specifics:

  • up to 4K video
  • up to 12 mp photography
  • up to 3.5 miles of flight from controller
  • up to 1 hour of in-flight time (allow for breaks for battery recharging; approximately 20 minutes of flight time per battery pack) per session.  Did you know that it can take up to 1 hour of shooting to post-produce a 1-3 minute video to success?
  • high and low resolution video and photos (depending on your application)
  • videos may include the addition of text/captions, music and other effects during post production


360-Degree Home Tours & Tourism Walking Tours:

  • available as interactive, click-through presentations
  • available as virtual tours or walking tours
  • captured using a blend of aerial or 360-degree cameras and traditional still-photo cameras
  • post-production with professional copywriting and voiceover services available


10-20, 30, 60, and 90 Minute DVD-Quality Videos:


  • Traditional Camera Photography - Our photographer will chat with you to establish your goals for your photos and will provide professional guidance.  Interior and exterior photography services are available, including 360 degree photography as well as product photography.


Traditional Photography Features & Specifics:

  • photos by our professional, experienced photographer(s)
  • professional, studio-quality camera equipment
  • professional lighting equipment available
  • image editing/retouching services
  • image optimization (high and low resolution photos depending on your application)

We also provide full-service graphic design & website development services:

Graphic Design - We have more than a decade of experience in professional graphic design including logo design, branding, graphics for social media and email marketing. We develop brochures, flyers, rack cards, banners, yard signs, vehicle magnets and graphics and work to help manage social media.  Learn more about our graphic design services at

Website Design & Development - Standout Arts designs custom layouts for websites.  We offer specially-priced websites for realtors/contractors.  Our websites are designed as high-end, attractive and professional sites that best represent your goals - and your personality.  We handle the process in a turn-key approach.  Sites are mobile-friendly, include basic SEO elements and include a FREE in-house editor.

Monthly Retainer Services - We understand the need for a budget!  That's why we offer retainer services to include the projects that you need, each month, for one flat, monthly rate.*


  • ALL PRICES ARE ESTIMATES AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A CUSTOM PROPOSAL SPECIFIC TO YOUR NEEDS.  Add-on services, of any kind, may incur additional charges.  Unless specified, certain post-production or off-site editing services may incur additional charges.
  • Wherever applicable, a consulting fee may be added to your service(s), not to exceed an hourly rate of $95/hr.  This typically applies to training/troubleshooting/research/multiple detailed estimates/proposals/advice/detailed marketing and/or advertising information that is provided at your request.  We do not charge for initial estimates or basic information.
  • 4-home aerial package must be scheduled for same day. $95 surcharge for multi-day sessions.
  • All drone video/photo shoots are subject to weather and geographical conditions and may be rescheduled or declined at the sole discretion of Standout Arts.
  • Post-production services for music include basic stock music only.  Specialty music or music subject to licensing requirements will be an additional investment and may have specific and unique limitations.
  • All retainer services require 12-month agreement. Services not included in retainer agreement may be available at discounted  rates.  Substantial revisions may incur hourly graphic design fee not to exceed $95/hr.
  • WEBSITE PACKAGE FOR REALTORS/CONTRACTORS:  This is a special price available to licensed Realtors, Builders, Contractors, Landscapers, and select Non-Profit Organizations ONLY.  These specially-priced websites include 3-8 pages, basic SEO, slideshows/galleries, forms and mobile-friendliness.  Enhanced features, stock photography, or other elements additional.  All websites require domain registration and hosting services.  Those services incur additional fees as charged by the third-party providers specific to your website and/or your preferences.  Websites by Standout Arts may be used with any website host provider of your choice.
  • Third-party services (of any kind) may incur additional investments.
  • Requests for special effects or specific features may incur additional fees.
  • Included retouching services for traditional camera photography are basic finishing procedures.  Complex or special editing services may incur additional fees.
  • All drone photography is subject to weather conditions, including wind speeds.  Standout Arts reserves the right to reschedule (with communication to you) any previously scheduled session due to weather conditions including, but not limited to, temperatures, sunlight, wind speeds, humidity levels and other weather-related issues).  There are no cancellation fees associated within any rescheduling of services that are initiated by Standout Arts or that are weather-related.
  • There are FAA regulations related to the use drones.  Limitations of routes, altitude, and other factors may apply.  Standout Arts operates in accordance with all Federal Aviation requirements and limitations, and may additionally opt to restrict flight patterns near sensitive areas, at our sole discretion.
  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, a client representative must be on hand for at least a portion of any photography (including cinematography) session.  This ensures that we are using the methods, locations, and subjects that are important for your applications of your photography or video services and that we are able to receive any necessary approvals for specifics related to your session(s).  Failure to provide representation during a scheduled shoot (unless prior arrangements have been made) or cancellations within 24 hours (unless initiated by Standout Arts or are weather-related) will result in a non-refundable cancellation fee of $250.00.
  • All hourly charges also apply to post production services (drone videos and/or photography) as well as image editing (re-touching) services.  All photography and video services require post production and/or re-touching and/or file-formatting services of some kind.  Hourly charges apply not only to the "flight time" of our drone services or our on-site time with our photographer, but also our work after the actual session(s) on post-production, file-formatting, and image editing.
  • All videos and/or photos will be provided to you, following post-production/file-formatting/image-editing either as a digital download or on USB removable media (thumb drive).
  • Please be sure to communicate any specific requests for post-production or retouching services.
  • Copyright laws may apply to add-on elements, including music.  Stock music, animations, and effects are available through Standout Arts at additional costs.
  • Due to swift changes in weather conditions, a last-minute cancellation may be necessary.  We will do everything in our power to provide as much notice as possible; however, please understand that last-minute changes to the schedule may be beyond our control.  In the event of a reschedule, your session will be prioritized for rescheduling as soon as possible.  Additional scheduling issues may arise.  Should Standout Arts need to reschedule, we will notify you at our earliest opportunity and will work with you to reschedule at a time that best fits with your schedule, weather elements, and the goals of the photo/video session(s).
  • All bookings are handled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Due to high demand and the seasonality of certain services, we recommend booking your session(s) as far in advance as possible.
  • Scheduling for specific days/times may not be possible.  We will do everything in our power to accommodate special requests - particularly related to event-oriented projects; however we may not be able to accommodate a specific date, day of the week, or time of day for services.
  • Other services may be available, at discounted rates, when packaged with one or more of our other services.  If you are aware of other projects in which we may be able to assist you, please let us know at the time of your booking so that we may be able to apply any applicable discounts.
  • Standout Arts is not responsible for unavoidable or accidental issues related to drone services.  While our equipment is state-of-the-art, any robotic or computerized equipment can experience failure and cause damage to person or property.  The client assumes all liability for all photography sessions, including aerial photography and aerial cinematography.
  • Standout Arts is not responsible for content posted on the websites that we design.  Clients assume all responsibility for the accuracy of the information that they post to their website (or request for posting onto their websites by Standout Arts).  This includes, but is not limited to, accuracy of property descriptions and listing details, copyright and intellectual property of client-supplied photos, text, and files.
  • Standout Arts is not responsible for the performance or fees associated with client-selected third-party services such as e-commerce platforms, e-commerce payment gateways, website hosting providers, website domain name registrars, and other services.
  • Standout Arts is not responsible for SPAM email that may reach you through your website.
  • Standout Arts is not responsible for downtime of websites related to website hosting providers and their services.
  • Turn-around time for most graphic design projects is approximately 48 hours.  Turn-around time for items printed by Standout Arts is typically within 8-14 days, including delivery.  Turn-around times are not guaranteed.
  • Standout Arts strives to provide on-going availability during normal business hours; however, there may be times of limited unavailability.  We notify our clients, in advance, of any known or potential downtime or unavailability whenever possible.  Circumstances beyond our control may hinder our ability to respond to inquiries or requests for services; however we strive to respond to all emails and return all phone calls within 24 hours.  Many services are completed within minutes of their request.  We work to be a reliable extension of your staff or your enterprise; however, just like any "employee", we may have to delay or reschedule a project in the event of illness, injury, or personal emergency.
  • Standout Arts is proud to be a family business and to serve the Shenandoah Valley.  While some of our services are universal and can serve clients world-wide, some services, including, but not limited to, commercial photography (including aerial cinematography) may have limited service areas.  We typically provide services within 90 miles of Charlottesville, Virginia.  Other areas may be possible.  Please contact us to see how we may be able to work beyond the general service area.
  • Please be sure that you have read and understood all terms and conditions before booking your photography or video session(s) with Standout Arts.  Proceeding with booking a service through this website, by phone, in-person with an authorized Standout Arts representative, or via email confirms that you have read, understood, and agree to all terms and conditions as outlined on this page.  We invite you to contact us with any questions or to request a customized proposal with detailed estimates specific to your needs.  Additional limitations or exclusions may apply.


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